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Smash Fitness, LLC is a popular Gym in Newton, MS, you'll find a non-stop running selection of fitness workouts brought to you by Fitness on Demand kiosk classes. Additionally, our personal trainers will also offer you a selection of live classes throughout the week, including LaBlast, Cardio Drumming, Zumba and Kickboxing. As a member of Smash Fitness, LLC you will have a variety of live classes and fitness on demand classes that you can enjoy with other members of the gym. Your membership gives you full 24/7 gym access, FREE classes, locker room access, automatic massage chairs with waterfalls, boxing area access, and more! Additionally, our staff will be offering you fun and fast-paced cycling classes in the near future! Looking for a full service fitness center, personal trainers and free classes in Newton, MS, enjoy your workout with your friends at Smash Fitness, LLC!

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